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Death is the supreme antithesis of Life. It is an ever-present energy that forces all things of the mortal world to trend toward breakdown, decay, and disorder. Death comes to all things, given enough time and provided you don't have access to some exceedingly rare magical artifact that makes you immortal. If you do have access to such an artifact, can I have some? Its symbol in the CCG is the Evil Leaf.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Death.




Death isn't just an inevitability, it's an energy that Elemenstors can control. The channeling of this Element tends to manifest as an eerie darkness or, in the case of very powerful Elemenstors, Nifty Black Lightning. Mastery of the Death Element confers onto its user a truly ferocious power, but given that Death doesn't really care who it's killing as long it's getting the job done, it can be hard to control. As a result, most Death Elemenstors are gradually consumed by the very dark power that they seek to wield (poetic, huh?).


The Elemanifestations most commonly seen (by those lucky enough to survive) are Mortisboards. These leech-like creatures will suck the life clean out of the area around them (see also the Dark Hoovers).


Common Death Elemenstor abilities include Zombification, various manipulation of Zombies, enhancing their physical makeup to seem more like Vampyres or other undead, and various offensive Death-energy powered gears. Zombification is actually a hybrid of Death and Blood elemenstation. Techniques of Dark Elemenstation, particularly Blood, are quite common among Death Elemenstors, but the Organization for the Fair Treatment of Evil Nasties (OFTEN) would like to make it clear that not all Dark Elemenstors are Death Elemenstors.


A Death Elemenstor is known as a Doomenor.


The current Death Grand Elemenstor does not exist, nor has he ever existed. Becoming the Grand Elemenstor of Death requires being dead as a prerequisite, and therefore represents a logical paradox. (see Death Wand for more)




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