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Deep Crows

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Deep Crow


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 283 (Incomprehensibily Nasty)

Creature Families: Avian, Dyemonic


Unearthed by the Nevelost, the Deep Crows caused the downfall of the Underkingdom of Grth'lwythlnn.


Let me break it down for you. Thirty-six-hoofands-long gigantic bird monstrosities with wingspans of 84 hoofands; chitinous mandibles that can crush an elephant in half, eight hellish eyes, four gigantic feet with talons as long as your hand, and a prehensile tail with four stingers that constantly drip acidic venom. They can only be subdued by the most ancient of magics.


Don't go near deep crows.


Archenemies of the Stalagmen.

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