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Defender of Irrational Dogmatism

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Defender of Irrational Dogmatism


It was really only a matter of time before Rothgar Who Accidentally Once Wore Vaxin's Clothing To Comical Effect When Drunk became victim to that ever corrupting malicious force to which we are all powerless, unbridled capitalism. And so, like most who find themselves surrounded by fame and fortune, Rothgar sold the rights to his likeness to a bevy of companies who then endeavoured to create a full line of merchandise, based after Rothgar’s many titles. However, as production began on all manner of t-shit, tabard and miscellaneous knick-nack, only then did the design department of the various companies realize that they should have done a little more research as some of Rothgar’s titles weren’t exactly all that marketable. To make matters worse, their licensing contract legally bound them to create a specific amount of designs and suddenly it appeared that it would be impossible to make that quota. Something needed to be done, and quick, unless they wanted to take a substantial financial penalty.


The solution came when a crafter marketer came up with the concept of the title “Defender of Irrational Dogmatism”. The concept was simple. Since, after hours of wringing their collective creative minds the marketing deparment didn’t really give a fig anymore, it was decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to take the monitary hit and to cushion the blow in the best way possible. In creating a line of “Rothgar, Defender of Irrational Dogmatism” items, they managed to both meet a sub-quota that significantly reduced the applicable financial penalty and also create a line that could be sold out of any temple of any religion that took itself too seriously. The line was a hit and soon even Rothgar himself was wearing it, riding high off the success of a sudden demand for him to speak a various religious gatherings. It wasn’t long until the title became official at which point it's legitimacy was no longer an issue.



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