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The Hierarchs - Seriously, you should know what they are by now

Many Hierarchs have become principal deities of other pantheons. Those not listed elsewhere will be listed here.


Cohoris Pantheon


Dwarven Pantheon


Elven Pantheon

  • Holl'onnianya - Goddess of Might and Magicke, Guardian of the Olde Wayes
  • LL'Chomber - Lord of the Elves, King of the Elf Pantheon
  • Logok
  • Merri'llmnbar - Lady of the Dance, also Matron of Ice, Queen of the Elf Pantheon
  • Orl'llln - The Warrior-Philosopher


Beach Elves Pantheon (added to the Elven Pantheon)


Minotaur Pantheon


Quilp Pantheon (Quilpism)


Shushipodian Pantheon

  • Bynsh - Shark and Squid Lord, Ruler of the Eastern Seas
  • Gargauhm - Master and Creator of all Sponges, Ruler of the Northern Seas
  • Shaurit'ahj - Master and Creator of all Starfish, Ruler of the Western Seas
  • Krakibdus - Crab/Lobster Monster, Dark Ruler of the Southern Seas
  • Jellins - Jellyfish Messengers of the Undersea Gods


Sylveran Pantheon


Wang Kingdom Pantheon


Zonardian Pantheon


Misc Deities - Are not Hierarchs or part of any Pantheon but still considered Deities


Misc Evil Fiends





The disposition of the deities is indicated with the use of the well-known standard ELotH:TES PnP RPG Alignment System.

Comments (6)

Anonymous said

at 7:06 pm on Sep 8, 2006

I am going to restructure the deity description pages following this form:

1. Principle Name
2. Domain and Alignment (See PnP RPG Alignment System)
3. Other Names
4. Description
5. Lore

This is the structure for the PnP RPG diety pages so please follow this structure when making new deity pages.

Anonymous said

at 6:41 pm on Sep 14, 2006

I will be deleting the Panpantheon when I am done with the revamp of this page. Please put all nonclassified deities there or in the Misc. Deities, they will be sorted into the appropriate pantheon. The Misc. Deities will be reserved for those who are not Hierarchs or in a pantheon but yet are deities.

Anonymous said

at 7:52 pm on Oct 25, 2006

awesome progress on these... brings back memories of all the clerics I've played in various P&P rpg campaigns.

Anonymous said

at 9:48 pm on Dec 7, 2006

Done with filling in all the deities that I saw in my books. Please keep this page clean and follow the established conventions.

K said

at 9:50 pm on Dec 7, 2006

Nice work. Epic.

Anonymous said

at 9:51 pm on Dec 7, 2006


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