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Dire Wombat

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Dire Wombats


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 41 (Horrifically Nasty)

Creature Families: Bestial, Dyemonic, Magimal


Creatures conjured through the efforts of Arch-Wombamancers' study of New Wombamancy.


Dire Wombats are similar in nature and appearance to regular wombats but tend to be shaggier, their fur a pale grey, and stand shoulder height to a man. Their dagger like incisors and wombat-like disposition make them quite threatening indeed.


Fortunately, these creatures are often only barely more than corporeal than phantom apparitions, with only a tenuous grasp on their solid forms. Although quite deadly, anyone with even the slightest arcane ability can usually dispell a typical Dire Wombat.

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