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Disadvantage: Short


Butch: -0 points, Midget: -15 points


Obviously, this trait means your character is abnormally short. When randomly generating height, subtract 1d7+6 from the roll. If the character's height is not randomly generated, subtract between 6 to 12 inches from the characters height. This trait may only be taken if the character is under 4'6" before any additions to his hieght.


Though listed as a disadvantage, this trait has many positives and negatives, intended to balance itself. Chief among these is the fact that small armour and clothing has a lower Shielding class.



-1 to SC on all armor.

Weapons are one dice class below (d23 goes to d11, d11 goes to d9, d9 goes to d7 etc...)

+2 to SC on surprise attacks, since you haven't made yourself look tall yet and are harder to hit.

+2 to damage rolls when surprise attacking.

Enemies gain +2 to verbal attacks against you.



As above but,

-2 SC on armor.

Weapons 2 dice classes below.

+4 SC on surprise attacks.

+4 to surprise attack damage rolls.

Enemies gain +6 to verbal attacks against you.

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