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Disadvantage: Tall


Lanky: -0 points, Beanpole: -5 points, Hulking: -10


Obviously, this trait means your character is abnormally tall. When randomly generating height, add 1d7+6 to the roll. If not, add between 6 to 12 inches to the characters height. This trait may only be taken if the character is at least 5'6" before any additions to his hieght.


Though listed as a disadvantage, this trait has many positives and negatives, intended to balance itself. Chief among these is the need to find specific stores for large armour and clothing. In the official source material, these stores are rare outside the larger cities.


Other aspects of this trait are mentioned in the approiate section, and noted as such where they appear. Some examples include:


    • Mandatory modifications to armour before it can be worn. Exceptions apply to armour generated using tables E-9, E-10, E-12 and S-33.
    • +2 to whine checks whilst entering carriages and doorways and heavy vegetation.
    • +1 to intimidate checks. This does not apply when wearing anything generated from tables S-31, S-32 and S-33, due to the stupid looking nature of equipment taken from those tables.
    • -5 to success checks when hiding. Likewise, character may not use any narrow secret passages or hallways, and must wait behind while spritelier characters do all the fun sneeking around.
    • +10% chance of chronic back pain for each additional 6" in height.
    • Children use you as a human jungle-gym.


Frederick the One-Foot-Too-Tall-For-Accecptance-Into-Normal-Society, the sample character from page 99, posessed this disadvantage, as well as having the Almost Too Long Yew Bow among his equipment.




I *know* that there are more effects than what I've listed here, but this is what's written under the entry in the Advantage/Disadvantages chapter. By the way, is it legal to reproduce game mechanics here?
If the FBI hasn't broken down your door so far, its probably okay to carry on.

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