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Dog Soup

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Dog Soup


Independant music label responsible for releasing Wasted L's 2CD masterpiece, "Elemenstor, Bloody Elemenstor" on August 22nd, 2003


They started as a mom-and-pop indie label in Kent, Ohio. Owner James Varsday started in his basement, making demos for local rock groups.


In 1998, he bought a 24-Track mixer and a soundboard. A year later, he recorded his first album, "James." It sold enough copies to attract the attention of the burgening indie rock scene in Kent, and became a touchstone for the re-emergence of Kent, Ohio as a true musicians town.


Solidly employed with his own label, Varsday never recorded his own music again. But he did help out other local bands reach critical, but never commercial, acclaim.


The logo, a dog's head in a soup bowl, was condemned by PETA in 2001. Varsday refused to change it, stating, "Honestly, the more press I get, the better off I am."


Sadly, the challenge was unmet and Varsdays label fell on tough times. The Kent scene had dried up and few bands were left in town.


In late July of 2003, four mysterious men who, according to Varsday, "...always wore masks" entered his humble studio.


Once there, they camped out and recorded what is said to be the best, if not only, double-disc set regarding the Elemenstor storyline.


The album was dropped from Dog Soup after a Cease and Desist letter came from Mr. Brahe's lawyer.

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