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Dr Eggchair

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Dr Eggchair


A mysterious, mischievous sage, who lives in the city of Middleclang. His name appears to be derived from the fact that his head is vaguely egg-shaped and he is usually shown sitting in a chair. ElamenSTAR writers were not always known for their originality or imagination.


During season three of ElamenSTAR, Dr Eggchair was responsible for sending the Four Underdogs off on many of their adventures in the earlier episodes. Most of these adventures were either futile, or seemed designed specifically to kill off the Underdogs.


The reason behind this was revealed in Re-Awakened! Put it back, Lander!, when the kindly Dr Eggchair is shown to be a facade, used by Devastation Moo Maa to hide himself until he could trick the Four Underdogs into unleashing his power.


However, many fans remain unhappy at this plot twist, and there exists a sizable body of fanfiction based on the premise that the Dr Eggchair encountered by the Underdogs in the sewers under Middleclang was, in fact, a simple apparition and that the real Dr Eggchair, having narrowly escaped an attempt on his life by Devastation Moo Maa, lived on for many years and experienced many, mostly erotic, adventures.


There is much dispute over his name. In Japan, his name was originally Dr Eggchair, however in his only appearences in the Wizbits dub, the one-off episode entitled Elemenst-Orgy of Adventure, he is first referred to by name as "Dr Ovinikstein", but in all other references it has changed back to Dr Eggchair. This has led to gigantic flamewars and feuds over what is his "true" name. General consensus is that his full name is "Dr Ovi Nikstein", and "Eggchair" is simply a rude nickname Skip bestowed upon him that later stuck.




Highlighting its fanfiction origins, Dr Eggchair is officially brought back into the fold in the The Quasar Riders of Zonardia series. Dr Eggchair is revealed as having allied himself as the evil genius working for Empress Corvax, and the designer of the Moons of Doom. It is also revealed Dr Eggchair had a lifelong nemesis in Zonik T Hegehaug, a Quilp Wizzard. In the end, Dr Eggchair is destroyed in a highspeed battle inside the second Moon of Doom, destroying it and crippling the Bloodwings. This "final battle" is one of no less than three and possibly four (depending on how you look at it) climatic showdowns in Legacy Mother.

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