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drinking and pill binge

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The drinking and pill binge.




This refers to the latter period of Mr. Tycho Brahe's life. Also referred to in court documents as "the incident", and divorce papers as "the reason". A lot of merchandising was given Tycho's "rubber stamp" during this period, which led to many an ill-conceived and poorly manufactured toy.


After this period, Tycho increased his rate of publishing output by 10%.


The Facts


In early 1997, the name of Tycho Brahe was increasingly on the lips of CCG loyalists. The world of Horatio was so dauntingly epic and so clearly inspired that its popularity was inevitable. By late July, Tycho had received more than one postcard of appreciation. Yet popularity was not a quality that Tycho had had to deal with before. What followed, the drinking and pill binge, wasn't made known to the community until several years later, and then only few details. The only truly verifiable facts known at this time are that Tycho Brahe was hospitalized on July 26, 1997, and that whenever questioned by uncouth fans Tycho quickly looks away (but not before some have noted an almost timeless gaze fall on his eyes, a blank madness with the weight of years?), and is silent for a moment before turning to another fan. Readers bewarned: the morbidly curious such as these are often assaulted by more respecting fans. Whether Tycho's immediate actions following the binge were a result of the binge itself or not is left to the reader to decide.


The Theories


From The Mundane


The most simpleminded say only that Tycho was unable to cope with the popularity. Heretics even say that he was not expecting such acceptance of his works, hoping to cash the advance on the 13 novel saga before the publisher realized they wouldn't be worth the printing costs. (Note: This is included only for the sake of completeness; the quality of The Elemenstor Cycle is undeniable to any with a human spirit.) Either way the story goes on to say that in early July Tycho fell into a haze after taking all of the over-the-counter drugs he could find, seeking an escape from the increasing number of eyes cast his way. Speculators continue (and the keen may note a certain light in the eyes of these speculators, suggesting that they find some dark pleasure in imagining the sorrows of the great author after, perhaps, bearing the burden of long waits between book releases), that Tycho finally brought himself to the George Washington Bridge in Manhatten the night of the 26th, supposedly with thoughts of ending his life. Noting the dedication "Gabe - It IS a Wonderful Life" in the beginning of Book 2, fans explain that he was saved by a friend and subsequently hospitalized. The "punchline" is that Pfizer, the makers of Sudafed, signed a marketing agreement in August making Sudafed the only accessory used by nightstands.


Through The Paranoid

Another popular theory is that the entire matter is a fictitious rumour. There are few verifiable facts beyond the hospitalization that prove the occurance of such an event - while Brahe did make several rash and inexplicable decisions during this period, they could just as easily be explained by the aformentioned considerable stress. As a result, many of Brahe's more defensive fans still discard the entire "incident" as a myth. This is considered quite plausible, as Brahe is not without enemies. For example, Scott Kurtz was infamously snubbed by Realmworlds Publishing when Brahe received the contract for the Elemenstor cycle. Kurtz had, at the time, a better writing record and a lower bid, and has always claimed that the decision involved some form of foul play, or, possibly, voodoo.


To The Fantastic


That The Elemenstor Cycle is so epic only because they are a transcription of real events is a notion held to by more than one of the (greater?) community. That the Starborn Gem may be or was in Tycho's possession is, for now, unknowable, but speculation need not rely on facts. "The Truth" as the theory is called, is that Tycho was not given only the knowledge of Battal, but also of this world and his own death in 1601. But, since Tycho is not nearly so powerful as Harbinger Portent or Aklom Reklats, his mind is quite unable to cope with even an elem of that rotary tillar of knowledge. Tycho may even be subjugated to the Darkling Gem, beholden to transcribe the story of all worlds for eternity. Unconfirmed reports say that the night of the 26th someone shouted "Sleep tight ya retards!"--a reference to chronosorcillic curse? Given these maddening conditions, Tycho may indeed have sought an escape that dark night. But were his plans foiled by loving friends or by the Starborn Gem? On that note I will leave you with this newspost I saved back from when rec.arts.elothtes was around:

Well... I actually met Tycho. Nov '96--release day for the first book. I was way into the CCG back then. Tycho was at the bookstore to pick up a copy for himself, (I guess Realmworlds Publishing didn't bother to send him a proof), and we got to talking. I was probably the first fan he met, before he knew what was going to happen. Anyways, I actually went to his place (I couldn't say no--I was still young and a real live author wanted to hang out with -me-!) and got to talking. It was like he was letting me in on some big secret, even though I had barely cracked the book open yet. Anyways, it got late and I was thinking about going home when he started to act real funny. Casting glances to his bedroom, he whispered furiously to me. "I can't stop. It... won't let me... STOP." Then he whipped out a knife from somewhere and... I'm getting the chills again. Gah, I can't bear to think of this, its been years, but... He cut his fingers off. I saw it. Then.. then they, they grew back. I mean... I just.. I still have nightmares. He let me in on this secret, and its been eating at me like it does him. But I can't deal with it anymore. I wish I had come face to face with Cthulhu instead, you know? I mean, at least he's a SLEEPING god. Needless to say, I soiled myself and ran the hell away from there.


The Truth



Also see The Unspeakable.

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