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drinking games

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Drinking Games

It is said that the port city of Bizarkule raised the simple bar activity of drinking games to a refined art, respected and honored throughout Battal. As a result, almost all bar regulars know at least a little bit of Darv (or at least simp).


Popular Drinking Games of Battal:


(feel free to list more)


Commonly heard Darvish drinking terms:

DarvLiteral TranslationLoose Meaning
guah intaliquid playdrinking games
bongor doosleeapple persona drunk
guzagan attractive womana woman who is only attractive after consuming much mead
kahnedkah ned: a single goodbyeThe first drink of the night
nikbix nushkawithout drinking watera tavern. This is a very popular name for taverns in Battal, and almost every large town has a Nikbix Nushka
inta glarkplay, thank youA standard invitation to partake in drinking games.
druk darv darvI speak darv.This person is a very heavy drinker, and not to be challenged to bongor dooslee.
chugga wugga nientPlease pass the cup"Serving wench! Bring me more ale!"

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