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A tranquil Dwarven village in the Mardath Highlands of western Mandleclang.

Home of Dthr'nex


In the year 232 TMSK, the town held a large Cheese Festival.  During the festival a serious fire broke out and had burned the western half of the town to the ground, including two large Dwarven prisons. Since Dwarven prisons primarily hold Dwarves arrested for drunken disorderly conduct, when they escaped, the town was flooded by drunken Dwarven revelers.  The resulting party was, even by Dwarven standards, legendary.  As a result, this town became known known for partying and good times, and as a result, when the Forge-King Ungrata the Unforger began his reign, he made Dwarfsdown the seat of his power.


In Book 3, Dwarfsdown was razed by Evilnors.


Everyone in the party knew that as soon as they rounded the bend it the path, the forest gave way and the valley stretched out before them. Dwarfsdown, with its warm mugs of mead and scratchy beds of hay would be waiting to welcome them back after these too long days of journey.


Gavment noted a satchel lying beside the trail that appeared to have been dropped in haste. As he bent down a shrill and girlish shriek pierced the chill air of early evening. He looked up and High Culimancer Bertrick was standing just ahead of him on the path, one hand covering his mouth, and another pointing into the valley, and just out of Gavment's view. It was then that Gavment saw the black smoke which was drifting lazily above the trees.


-- Book 3

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