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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: -2 (Harmless) for White Dyemons and up to 339 (Incomprehensibly Nasty) for a Legendary Hoard of Hot Female Black Dyemons which are Harbingers of the End Times

Creature Families: Dyemonic


Dyemons are the names given to the creatures who roam the various realms of the Elmether. They are mostly found, however, on the Nastier Planes.

Dyemons are generally considered to be demons, having almost all the qualities of your average, run of the mill demon. However, the major difference is that Dyemons are color-coded. Nobody is quite sure why, but the darker the color of the Dyemon, the more nasty it is believed to be. For example a purple or black Dyemon would be a huge undertaking to defeat, while a white or pink Dyemon might be slain with something like a feather or wet noodle. There are also rumors of more colorful Dyemons such as Plaid, based on the nature of Plaid it is assumed that they exist in the NastiestPlanes. Because of this, it is suggested to always check the color of Dyemons in the area when entering one of the Nastier Planes, for it will tell you if it's just one of the NastyPlanes or perhaps one of the NastiestPlanes that you are transversing.


"You're the silly ones. Not us."


Methods of defeating dyemons

Dyemon Colour Plane Identifying Characteristics Weapon of Slaying Method of Slaying
White Nasty Very Fat, Short Arms Feather Topple the dyemon by pushing it over and then rub feather along soles of its feet
Pink Nasty Covered in pink fur, ugly head Pointy Stick Shake pointy stick at dyemon while shouting. Causes dyemon to turn into scared quivering mass
Light Blue Nasty Skinny, Large eyes Boot Kick it in the Crotchal region with a good boot, repeat until defeated
Beige Nastier Covered in thorns, gibbers constantly Salt Throw some salt on it. They hate that.
Desert Sky Nastier Tall, Lanky bodies covered in scales and spikes Avocado The quickest way to victory is to spread guacamole all over the dyemon's body. Of course, no one has been that brave to try it
Horse Various Looks like a big mean insect horse with burning hooves Carrots Ironically, Dyemon horses hate carrots, yet cannot resist them.
Imho Cow Nasty Like a big depressed-looking cow with several extra horns Being cooked Imho cows are too depressed to fight back a slightly determined chef wanting to harvest some Greef

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