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Earth (commonly referred to as "dirt" in academic circles) is one of the basic four elements of creation, and thus of High Elemenstation. It represents stability, orderliness, ancient secrets, trees and plants, green things and old age. Its symbol in the CCG is the Ball of Clay or Ginger Snap.

Earth is represented symbolically in the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor by an old man dozing off on a porch. Earth Elemanifestations can summon Golemonsters made of dirt and, well, earth.


An Earth Elemenstor is also known as a Stoner and is the second least common variety of Elemenstor.


Earth gears are mainly defensive, although they also have a number of ability-enhancing and offensive gears - making them the second-best in versatility next to Water.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Earth. It is often woven into the clothes of Earth Elemenstors, or printed in their magical items. The character is part of the typeface used in printing the Elemenstor Cycle books and often appears in place of the word earth when referring to Earth Elemenstation.



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