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ElamenSTAR Shuffle Episode Guide

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 6 months ago

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ElamenSTAR Shuffle Episode Guide


This is the Episode Guide for ElamenSTAR Shuffle. It is currently incomplete, as the original author of the page lost most of the notes he took of the fan dub.


Episode Title Notes

The titles for this series were in English, despite this being a Japanese show. Some web sites list episode titles rendered into Japanese, but usually these are the Japanese "translations" of the titles that the Japanese fan community uses to refer to the episodes.


Season 1, Episodes 1-50


Episode NumberEnglish TitleJapanese Fan Title
1*#Starter deck part 1始めるデッキ (前編)
2Starter deck part 2始めるデッキ (中編)
3Let's draw描きましょう!
4Revenge of the vengefulレベフェガ
5*Fan service and lossエヴァ
6New Game新しゲーム
7Your turn now作家の冗談だ
8Seemingly perfect strategy上の, まだ?
9Furniture defensesファネダフェ
10Pillar power柱力
11Potential victory at handやっと, ね
12Twelve more turns十二かい裏切るよ
13Hand of awesomenessAWESOMEの手
14*An unforeseen outcome見なかった結果
15That other cardそちらカード
16Illegal second variant今とてもつまらない
17*Out of optionsや、同じ
18The weight of the situation真相の体重
19Dark prophecy I暗い予言I
20Dark prophecy II暗い予言 II。
21Epic legends of the cardsカードの叙事詩的スケールの伝説.
22Cream filled creaturesいっぱいにされた生き物をクリーム状にしてください。
23*No more imperfection今不完全さなしで.
24Out of time今時間なしで.
25Out of even more time今より更に多くの時間なしで.
26#No time left時間左はありません。
27#Statue of a heroヒーローの像.
28#Shadow of the mountain! The great crush!山の影! 素晴らしい人は壊れます!
29Trapped downわなに掛けられたダウン.
30One last chance1つの最後のチャンス.
32Turntable comeback転車台カムバック〔うまい返答〕.
33Dark prophecy III暗い予言 III。
34Starbourne Power生まれる力に星印を付けてください。
35Great unspeakability大きな話していない能力.
36A face of terrorテロ〔恐怖〕の表面.
37*#More foes arriveより多くの敵が着きます。
38Villainous spectators凶悪な見物人.
39Trials and errors裁判〔試験〕とエラー〔誤り〕.
40Over the edge端〔刃〕の上.
41Legendary legends伝説的な伝説〔伝説的な人物〕.
42Almost goneほとんどいなくなっています。
43Michiko's song美智子の歌.
44Cardman's final adviceカード人の最終のアドバイス.
45Like a phoenixフェニックスが好きであってください。
46Unstoppable momentum止められない勢い.
47Villainous comeback?凶悪なカムバック〔うまい返答〕?
48*Ultimate sexy weapon!究極のセクシーな武器!
49*No! The wrong card!いいえ! 間違ったカード!


*Episode contains nudity.

#Episode shows Mt Wang.



TimIf the new season is coming out in Feb '06, we'd better get started on finishing the episodes up!
TimI think that the rumors of the second season are unfounded, but I'll bet that there's an interesting story behind what that season would have been and why it was ultimately killed. Anybody know it?
bfg00I'm not to sure. I heard something about it having to do with kids actually trying to get to CCG to have real world effects. As far as the planned second season, I heard rumors that it was supposed to have more fan service than the first season did which is hard to believe. BTW the reason this page is a stub is because the Japanese names still need to be filled in for the majority of episodes.

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