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ElamenSTAR Shuffle

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ElamenSTAR Shuffle


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Another ELotH:TES animated series from Japanese studio FÖZZIE. This series is set in Alternate Battal, created partly in order to cash in on the popularity of shows based on card games, but mostly in order to fulfill the executive producer's desire to see what an actual game would be like if it was ever played properly. Because of the erratic nature of Wizbits Elemenstor Battle, the battles in the series have been known to end on the first turn or be really drawn out.


The entire first season was released on DVD in October of 2005, at the same time the first episode was aired. How all fifty episodes could have been made in a matter of months is still a subject of debate on message boards.


In this world of Alternate Battal, the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle card game (that exists in the real world) is a popular game based on Epic events, items, people, and abilities from their world.




The plot involves this kid with white hair named Shiro who is told in a dream that a disaster would occur, and that he would be the only one able to save Alternate Battal. Thinking nothing of the dream, he continues on his daily life. Meanwhile, his grandmother Michiko, who was an insane defense attorney, felt bad that her grandson didn’t have a girlfriend. Knowing that her most important clients had a daughter about his age, she arranged a blind date in exchange for reduced legal fees. This satisfied everyone involved, except the daughter Aiko, who was upset that she might lose her status as the most popular girl in school.


Her complaints went on for the first two episodes until her mother suggested that she do something to preoccupy Shiro. She thought that it was a good idea, but didn’t know what would take his mind off of her. In the third episode, she remembered that since she was the captain of the schools ElamenSTAR Shuffle team and decided to teach him how to play. Her lesson ended abruptly after she lost the first test phase.


After that battle, the former captain of the team, Svald Vhadxi appeared and challenged her to a match, claiming that his abilities had grown while hers had remained nonexistent. After his successful Special Check Break Global Check, he revealed that her winning streak comprised of opponents who had lost on their first turn phase and that she’d never even learned how to play, whereas he’d been promised powers that would take his mind off of her Lady Ambivilia strategy. His powers were revealed to be comprised of a magic popcorn shrimp that brought cards to life, and that if he won the match, his leader would grant him the power to give solid forms to the apparitions the shrimp created; a goal he really wanted because his deck had a large amount of cards from Naughty Wizbits and Tides of Epic Conflict.


Svald won the match and then challenged Shiro to a match. This match was long and drawn out and comprised the rest of the first season. Notable events that took place included the appearance of Cardman, Svald revealing his Mt Wang card, the Shiro’s grandmother driving by on a motorcycle wearing a pink dyemon leather body suit and a Darth Vader helmet, and extreme plot-based fanservice of Aiko.


During his match against Shiro, Svald revealed that his leader was the former hero of Alternate Battal and second Harbinger Portent, Char Reyarteb who had become evil after dieing in the explosion caused by his slaying of MooMaa and had been confined to a building known as the Old House of Eyekia Lane. After the match was declared a draw when the infamous factory error, Armor of Largechesthood was played, Svald kidnapped Aiko and told Shiro that if he ever wanted to see her again and/or cure her of the effects of the card, he should travel to the old house and face the entire group of villains.


The second season is rumored to already be complete. It isn't known how the producer manages to make a 50 episode season in a matter of months, although popular theories center around cheap dyemon labor.


Behind the scenes


Apple Computers threatened a lawsuit when the English version of ElamenSTAR Shuffle was announced. The uproar was centered on the fact that one model of iPod is known as the iPod Shuffle. This suit was dropped after it was brought to light that Apple had already signed a deal that sold them subliminal advertising in the elemenstors universe.




Recently got insider confirmation that there will be a second series, but it won't be out until febuary '06. I don't know if I'm happy or scarred for life. ~Jake
Yeah, I just heard that they were making a more "kid friendly" series under a different producer. Something about not being able to show the original series in the US without being lynched by the FCC. I believe that the new one was going to be called ElamenSTAR Draw. - Unguided
Is there any truth to the rumors going around that Fine-o Video is looking to pick up the international rights to this series? I'm not sure I like what they are planning on doing with the Wizbits and don't want to see any other shows get the same treatment. - Ooknabah


Does anyone have a list of cards in Shiro's, Svald's, and Aiko's decks? I only remember a few of them. If some one could post a complete list that would be appreciated. -bfg00

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