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Elanfariestel the Easily Convinced

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Elanfariestel the Easily Convinced

Elanfariestel the Easily Convinced should have realized he was too easily convinced to do things by his nickname, but someone easily convinced him that his nickname actually meant he was "a real sexy guy."

Many, many people abused this poor man for their various needs, but the most well known was Dark Master convincing him to gently nudge Princess Crystalcrown off of Mount Wor, thus betraying her.

His loyal friends pointed out, however, that anyone who so earnestly believed nonsense was a great person to liven up conversations and parties, and he was singlehandedly responsible for more fads and crazes than anyone else, often at the behest of Merm the Cruelish Prankster. (See Fish Spooning, Land Waiting, and Bell Caging)

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