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Elemenstor Gearstrike

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Elemenstor Gearstrike


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A spinoff of ElamenSTAR and, implicitly, The Wizbits Cartoon, Elemenstor Gearstrike (sometimes called EleGear for short) is an in-the-works cartoon, a joint American/Japanese undertaking. Intended to be a close collaboration with the original minds behind The Elemenstor Cycle, and thus with direct feedback from Realmworlds Publishing and Tycho Brahe. It stars Mayumi the average-yet-perhaps-overfond-of-violence Japanese schoolgirl swept to Battal by the Curse of the Guranbignoth, as well as her various friends and accomplices, including Yellow Fang and Gyermo from her appearances in the series, as well as new ones yet to be announced.


Though it is somewhat early in production, the slated writer/directors include various persons who have contributed to the ELOTH:TES universe, as well as newcomers Izumi Suzuki (famed Japanese romance comic author) and Richard Gray (famed hyper-violent underground action comic author), whose pairing-up was suggested by James Langomedes in a barely-comprehensible journal entry:


Mebd if that spinnof goez somewhar, Ezumi Suzuky and Richerd Grey culd do stuff for it. Gud TV righth thar.


More information to come as data is added.


Current Attached Writers

English writers include Hal Burton, Jerry Chang, Melissa Eberhart, Garth Ennis, Alexi Chandler, and Annonymous Miranda. Izumi Suzuki, Kintaru Ikari, and several ElamenSTAR writers form the Japanese staff. Colloquially, the English and Japanese sides are known as Oak and Pine.


Former writers include Richard Gray, currently adrift in the Pacific ocean slightly off of Japan.


Discovered Tidbits

  • Even though Gyermo dies in ElamenSTAR, he comes back early in the new series, although now he is evil.
  • A teen love interest named Rink Godspeed joins Mayumi's team. He's arrogant and headstrong, but proves useful in battle because of his speed and skill with a "seven-link-chain-whip". He is rumord in the now defunct (only lasted one issue due to printer strike) Japanese magazine "Happy TV Time" to be King Ronard reincarnate by the force of Epic. But that rumor is probably dead due to the lack of spikey hammer. Who knows.
  • The Cult of Absinth and Lady Absinthia feature prominently as reoccurring villians.
  • In early drafts of the script, the episode starts several years after the crew's last appearance. In the time between, Mayumi has studied to expand her use of gears and learned how to craft magic items.
  • Supposedly the unnatural state of a human from Earth being on Battal will come into play as a dramatic complication. While the exact effects are unknown, members of the cast have been observed renting Jacob's Ladder, Twin Peaks collections, and, perhaps most worryingly, Cool World.
  • Depending on the draft, estimated American TV ratings have fluctated from TV-Y7 to TV-MA.
  • At least one climactic fight has erupted already concerning something in the script, although it was rather languid given that wires were attached and soaring leaps broke up the strikes. The participants are unknown.
  • Character designs are not yet confirmed, though Annonymous Miranda has lovingly sketched a shirtless Yellow Fang on scrap script paper.
  • There is no Vanilla in concept or fact in the world of Battal, much to the chagrine of Mayumi who loves vanilla ice cream. She is constantly searching for people who know of it, or a suitable alternative. It does not take her long to discover that the word "vanilla" is actually a fairly well known swear word of the Mean Elves.
  • Despite the first season not being finished or even airing, a script for a Gearstrike movie has already been written. The title translates to Elementsor Gearstrike: Love Forever Eternal.
  • The theme song is Chinpoko, written and sung by Japanese-American idol singer Hikari-chan.
  • Something about a brain-damaged egg is mentioned in the theme song and in the show but little is known yet.


Epic Updates


Added some info found on a Japanese message board, translated by babelfish. Don't know how reliable it is though.

Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 11:55 pm on Feb 9, 2006

Just checked the Japanese TV guides and there seems to be a listing for this on the 8th of March. My Japanese is pretty terrible, so I can't make out anything at all under the episode descriptions. There is, however, a thumbnail-size picture, showing what looks like Char Reyarteb. He looks kind of... well... righteous, though. Nothing in the US or UK TV guides yet, so I'm guessing this is getting its Japanese release first.

I'll see how much of the ElamenSTAR episode guide I can fill in by then. It'd be nice if we could get a Gearstrike episode guide filled in on a weekly basis.

Of course, it could all be a hoax or bad info.

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