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Elemenstor Radio Dramas

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Elemenstor Radio Dramas


A 12 part radio programme produced for BBC Radio by Robert Hungford which chronicles the events leading up to and just beyond the defeat of the near invincible Char Reyarteb at the hands of The Four Underdogs. The chronology of events differs from those as told in The Wizbits Cartoon, primarily these differences rest on the fact that the heroes are all about 10 years older than they are in the Wizbits. Another major point of departure is that the final battle against Char is not the Battle of Blackshadow Skullspire, but rather the battle takes place in the caverns of the Savage Barrenlands and is referred to as the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom.


The first 4 episodes of the drama retell the same story of how the Four Underdogs met and befriended each other, each episode telling the tale from the perspective of a different member.


Episode Guide:

1. Earth's Song

2. Out of Thin Air

3. Raging Fire

4. Still Waters

5. Witch Canyon

6. Travelling Days

7. A Voice from the Past

8. MooMaa's Unstoppable Force

9. Destiny and Revenge

10. Atonement

11. Into the Underland of the War Men

12. Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom


approx. running time per episode: 53 minutes

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