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Elemenstor, Bloody Elemenstor

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Elemenstor, Bloody Elemenstor


Recorded in 2003 and released the same year, this double-album by the band Wasted L featured not only songs, but entire song cycles written about the ELotH:TES universe.


Unfortunately, the band did not clear their use of certain character names and storyline elements with Tycho Brahe before attempting to sell the record.


Still, the record continues to be sought by ELotH:TES fanatics looking to complete their collections.


There were only 200 copies ever created, officially.


Songs like, "It's Not Easy (Bein' An Elemenstor)", "Suck my Sword" and "My My My Furniliar" earn them a new fan every time they are played. Even famous people have been known to enjoy Wasted L's one and only record. Indie-rockers Guided By Voices, for example, on their album, "Bee Thousand" covered "Kicker of Elves"


The copies floating around on eBay are FAKES! BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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