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See Elemenstors: An Introduction. Types of Elemenstors. Types of Elemenstation. Notable Elemenstors. High Elemenstor. Alchemenstor


Elemenstors are channellers of raw elemental forces. By the time of the period known as The Rise Of The Elemenstors, the term itself was over 20,000 years old, its origin lost in the shroud of history. The term itself has changed and evolved over time, but never more dramatically than year 15,678, when Harbinger Portent (the Unsunderer) discovered the secrets of High Elemenstation, forever codifying the nature and order of Elemenstors. Until that point in history, the term was used very loosely and was interchangable with sorcerer, wizard, warlock, or a variety of other terms for wielders of arcane powers.


Generally, the type of power wielded by an Elemenstor is determined both by their primary Element (See Types of Elemenstors) and by where they are on the spectrum from Low Elemenstor to High Elemenstor (See: Types of Elemenstation). This tends to be more true in later eras where more is known about the Physiks of Elemenstation as well as the Elements themselves.


Elemenstors generally channel the powers of the Elements for good, or at least non-evil purposes. Those who break with this credo are referred to as Dark Elemenstors, and they channel the powers of the Elements for evil purposes, either selfishly or chaoticly ("for the greater evil"). Dark Elemenstors have access to their own dark pantheon of Dark Elements (three of them, and believe me, their more evil than you'd like to know).


Differences from Summoning

Elemenstors are different from the Summoners, often referred to as as Token Masters, in may ways. First of all, Token Masters need to use Summon Tokens (obvious from the name) to summon creatures. Secondly, the creatures summoned are generally run of the mill wildlife from around the world (with the exception of a certain frog) and thus, not very special. Further, without Summon Tokens a Token Master is powerless.


Elemenstors, however, have an innate ability, known as the Knack, which allows them to channel the power of Elementals. In the case of High Elemenstors this channeling takes the form of gears or corporial manifestations known as Elemanifestations.


Other Names for Elemenstors

Comments (4)

Anonymous said

at 8:01 pm on Mar 21, 2006

Xoxor Xxar is not actually an elemenstor, or a mortal being of any sort...

Anonymous said

at 8:07 pm on Mar 21, 2006

Killer Black was unlight

Tim said

at 10:18 pm on Jun 15, 2006

the info about elementals and elemanifestations should prolly all be under high elemenstor since I think this is all high elemenstation stuff... also, the "Elemenstors, however, can channel the power of Elementals as gears or cause them to corporialize as Elemanifestations." line seems to indicate that elementals drive gears or they drive elemanifestations, but under the gears entry it looks like elemanifestations drive gears (assuming that an elemenstor isn't powerful enough to channel the energy on his own, thereby making the elementals/elemanifestations very sad)

Tim said

at 10:19 pm on Jun 15, 2006

anybody else who read this article able to shed any light on this for me.. seems to be about as clear as mud

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