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Elemenstorer is the first game set in the ELotH:TES universe made for the PC. In an attempt to break to tradition, the developers decided to make Elemenstorer a first person shooter. You start with The Tweezers, and can gather weapons and several powers to strike some wicked gears in High Elemenstation.

Elemenstorer is notable for its full frontal Furnication cutscreen which is unlocked if you kill Ragin Cagin with only the tweezers. This cutscreen is considered by some to be too graphic for young children. However Elemenstors of the Peninsula have defended the cutscreen describing it as critical to the artistic value of the game.


Unique Features

Elemenstorer includes several gears, weapons, monsters, and other such things not seen anywhere else in ELOTH:TES. Some of these include:


  • The Superior Toad Defenstrator Hammer, a large iron shaft attached to a stone frog the size of the protagonist's chest (judging from his reflections in certain levels). The item is almost counterintuitively heavy, but greatly increases defense (due to being so huge) and can, with its alternate fire, be used to pogo around the environment.
  • The Delightful Apple Projector, a magical device that projects the image of a delicious apple at a target space. Used to distract foes who would be distracted by delicious apples.
  • The *Fimp Cane*, a sturdy melee weapon with a fancy appearance.
  • Deci Mate is a Life gear that summons an Elemanifestation of a CENRAccubus, which is akin to a Darkrend Mountain succubus, but is instead good-aligned and wears slightly more clothing. The CENRAccubus is an effective companion and can be equipped with a unique weapon type, the Dentata, which was never satisfactorally described or depicted.
  • The Base Puncher, a multiplayer weapon that allows the wielder to use a melee attack that targets enemy players in the player's home base, no matter the location of the base-puncher-using player.
  • The Grass Can, a large metal cannister filled with Life magic. Emptying it created grass; striking a Fire gear at the grass lit a massive fire.
  • The Fimp Hand, a disembodied hand that floats around the player, smacking aside any projectile that gets near its orbit. While not extremely effective, it doesn't take up an equipment slot.
  • Choco Ta'kous, a chocolate version of a ta'kou, a foodstuff eaten by the obscure hill folk encountered early in the game. They restored health.
  • The game's penultimate weapon was the gear Voice From On High. The primary fire conjured the voice of one of the Hierarchs from out of pre-history, cracking the world in half (and netting an instant game over). Its alternative fire mode sharpens pencils. Disturbingly, the primary fire is never necessary during the game, but the alternative fire mode is needed nearly every level after the gear is first learned; in fact, one cannot beat the final boss without it.


Presumably by 'first computer game', you mean the first ELotH videogame for the PC - there were several ELotH videogames released before this one, as can be seen on The Wizbits Videogames page, going all the way back to the Amiga. But Elemenstorer certainly did have a greater impact than any game before its time, and the infamy surrounding its release arguably helped the ELotH saga reach an even wider audience.


I uploaded this screenshot from the first level. The graphics are pretty rudimentary. I haven't played this game in ages, but I still remember the hidden dresser under the mushroom patch in level 1.

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