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Elemenstormers Dot Com

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Elemenstormers Dot Com


Elemestormers Dot Com was one of the internet's most popular and certainly largest portal and compendium on ELotH:TES knowledge and fan contribution.


First going live in September of 2002, Elemenstormers Dot Com began as just a collection of fanfics and basic information on The Elemenstor Cycle. Because of the large and untapped fanbase, Elemenstormers grew to, within a year, having over 1,750 users connected to it simultaniously.


At its peak, the website contained not only the biggest user base, but also thousands upon thousands of fanfictions, works of Fan Art, and of course the prodigious EDC image boards, from which many memorable internet memes came about.


Elemenstormers was famous for its fundraising drives that supported its massive operating costs, often raffling off limited edition Busts and even once a luncheon with Tycho Brahe himself.


The now infamous Splitting the Worm novel was first posted on Elemenstormers Dot Com, and the unfortunate hulabaloo that resulted from it turned out to be the end of every one's favorite bookmark.

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