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Elemenstors of Horth

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Elemenstors of Horth


A collective of Sleep Elemenstors who took up residence in Horth, building a small village dedicated to the advancement of the manipulation of the Sleep Element. Their Bedroom Furniliars were the mightiest of their kind. It was rumored that the greatest elemenstor among them even tamed a Nightstand, though apparently "tamed" meant "put permanently to sleep," proving once and for all that vicious and psychotic transchanted nightstands can be defeated without destroying them, though only by raising the additional question, what's the point? The Elemenstors of Horth also possess and guard the remains of MooMaa, who was once interred in Mount Wor and whose close association with nightmares is a significant point of study for all Sleep Elemenstors.


The Elemenstors of Horth additionally engineered the mighty Bedding Golems, Golems constructed of mattresses and pillows, with resilient quilted armor for protection and sheet-capes to billow epicly in the breeze. As Golems, these mighty creatures were not transchanted but animated through Sleep Elemenstation, the Sleep Element of course being closely related to and thus able, somewhat paradoxically, to govern a state of wakefulness. These creatures have been described as "fiercer than their feather pillow arms should have allowed for."


The Elemenstors of Horth became well known in the practice of their craft and when the Unlight War broke out, they were called upon to bring their mighty Bedding Golems and assist the Elves in the battle against the Vampyre scourge. As part of the Army of Elves and Allies they finally pushed back the forces of the foul Vampyre Vhadxi.

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