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Element Story

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Element Story


Currently in production, the simply titled Element Story is a new fantasy adventure anime featuring much of the production team that created ElamenSTAR returning for a spiritual follow-up series rather than a spin-off as has been seen in ElamenSTAR Shuffle and Elemenstor Gearstrike. Element Story will be Ichigo Shuuan's first time directing a series.


Early Information

Little is known about the series. What was revealed in the most recent Newtype is this:

  • Like ElamenSTAR and The Wizbits, the main characters will be made up of two females and two males, however, they won't all be Elemenstors or necessarily human.
  • The plot is loosely inspired by Epic Fantasy Warrior Quest XI.
  • Shuuan coyly suggested that the Battal we see in the series will not be the one we're used to, but rather one that has been changed. The main goal of the characters will be to restore Battal to its true state. But the problem may be remembering what the true state was in the first place.
  • The characters will not meet eachother till the midpoint of the first season, as each will have individual arcs and adventures till their stories begin to intertwine.
  • The canon of Element Story "has not yet been decided", although it is entirely possible that it will "fit together".



  • Yenma: An arrogant and brash prince from the realm of flames and Furniture. After being exiled by the plotting of his brother, he sets off across his world and raise an army of demons and furniture to retake the throne. He is actually too stupid to rule, even for a member of his race, and constantly sees violence and yelling as the only option.
  • Prudence: A cybernetic policewoman from the world of air and men. She pursues the arrest of an elite group of cyber-criminals despite orders from her superiors. Prudence believes in logic above all else and is annoyed with those with flightly personalities.
  • Orca: A wandering boy from the world of Kryatures and water. He adores peace and following his every whim, but has a strong sense of justice. He has a strong talent for healing but falls in love too easily. He is accompanied by a winged dragon by the name of Bahamut who sweeps chimneys and is prone to outbursts like "Animated Penguins! Hot Crackers that's gosh-darned nifty!"
  • Max: A winged girl from the land of earth and Skjarblae, who dreams of being an actress. She is very intelligent and has a sharp mouth and is very sarcastic. Max leaves her career to attempt to track down her missing older sister.




The series takes place in four worlds, each 1/4th the size of Battal. The Four Worlds are similar to The Four Vales in the prehistory of the world.



  • Iakam: A world of Fire and Furniture, ruled over by the humanoid Furniliar race known as the Shellack. It is a barbaric world filled with Dyemons and other dangerous spirits, and the royal family of the world maintains order through ruthless strength.
  • Allah'lav: A world of Air ruled over by Men. Lacking the magic of the other worlds, the Men in the world developed advanced technology and upgraded their bodies into Mechanomen.
  • Emightmared: The world of Creatures and Water. The tribal, bestial Juken rule over the vasts expanses of arctic wastes.
  • Neveah: A heavenly world of Earth and winged evlish relations known as the Windkin. It is run entirely by advanced magic and Elemenstation.






A dub of the series is already being planned, which will be called Elemenstories in the US, and will attempt to incorporate the episodes of ElamenSTAR which were not aired or dubbed in the US along with Element Story.

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