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"Elf-Witches are HOOOOOOOOT!" - Skip, The Wizbits


One of the noble races of Elves. Described as having flawless purple skin, flowing silver hair, and the women folk are fond of wearing skimpy chainmail. Additionally, they typically have deep purple eyes and ever so slightly pointed ears. Physically they are quite dissimilar to the pale skinned Witch-Elves, but the similarity in name often causes confusion.


They're elves who are obviously witches.... duh.


The Elf-Witches made their home in Aasanarra'iaryl, after the fall of Shadia in 939.


The Elf-Witches are ruled by a ruling Elven-Witch-Queen, with a limp. Bound by tradition, each elven-witch-queen must limp, and the leg of a crowned princess is always badly broken and allowed to mend poorly.


The first of the Elven Witch Queens was Ly'riarranaasa, who had one leg shorter than the other. Also known as She Who Walks In Mystic Circles.


The witch-queen is crowned on the night of a ceremony known as The Feast of Twelve Shadows.


See also: Witch-Elves, Elfwiches

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