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ELotH Limited Edition Busts

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ELotH Limited Edition Busts


A hugely profitable limited edition line of busts produced from Mable Die Cast GraniResin that gave it a satisfying heft and quality appearance. A small brass placard on the base described who was depicted by the bust. Due to a simple but tragic translation problem between the comissioning Realmworlds executives and the Latvian sculptors, the first run of busts do not include the head, merely the chest of the character, leading to record prices for first editions of the busts of certain female characters.


A list of busts, with their production run numbers:

Enseven Illibar: 250 first run; 320 second run

Char Reyarteb: 200 first run; 200 second run

Harbinger Portent: 135 first run; 250 second run

Dogus Brankorking: 100 first run

Lander Phoenixsong: 75 first run

Wendell Blunder: 75 first run

Myrtle Breakwind: 75 first run

Fantasmaphila: 75 first run

Serafina Haberdasheron: 50 first run; 150 second run; 250 third run

Lord Hopebane: 50 first run

King Ronard: 50 first run

Felthar: 50 first run; 100 second run

Horatio Luskfish: 50 first run; 25 second run

Lady Ambivilia: 25 first run, 50 second run

Percy Mulligan: 17 first run (still available)


There was also a Gavment Rayling limited edition bust, but at four feet high, it was simply too large for most people.


Next year's line is to include Lopae of Hopea. Preorder tickets were limited to 1000, and currently for sale on eBay in upwards of $800.

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