Enchanted Lunchladies Guild

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The Enchanted Lunchladies Guild


This Item Guild of The Hierarchy Era were not themselves enchanted, as some mistakenly infer from their title, but specialized in the making and enchanting of meals. With various spells, incantations, and unusual ingredients they were able to make treats so delicious and fulfilling, that they even tempted one of the Hierarchs to take mortal form.


The Enchanted Lunchladies would prove themselves to be not so benevolent as their rosy cheeks would suggest. During The War of the Item Guilds they unleashed a variety of irresistible and deadly cuisine that laid waste to many an epicurean opponent, including Hygrad the Mighty himself. It was this final deed that secured their extinction after the Lawmakers began enforcing the first Item Laws, one of the earliest being Law 32, which basically put them out of business.


As the azure sky faded into the darkening amber of dusk, the last of the culinary captives were led into the stockade. Ranger Hadyllfax had fulfilled his promise to the Lawmakers that day, though at a great cost to his men. He had fought against many a desparate beast, cornered and sensing the end, fighting with the very last of its hope and strength... but never before had he seen such fearsome ingenuity, such will and fortitude in the face of danger as he had seen that day against these full-figured, rosy-cheeked "Lunchladies". From that day forward, whenever he would behold carrots and milk, the scar tissue behind his left ear would ache in recognition... and never again could he enjoy the taste of hollandaise.


-- excerpted from the novel, The Item Guild Wars


Only in the darkest corners of Battal is their dark and potent form of Culimancy still practiced... known as a secret, shadowy tradition of ancient herbs and spices that hides from the light of day.