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Enseven Illibar

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Enseven Illibar


A character from the Eldritch Assignation. Enseven Illibar is the charming and charismatic leader of the Chaotician Gemmerach-dancers, one of the three Gemmerach Triolet Warders (along with Merrh Meminmon, and Vfathfur Achgrem) who together have the ability to use the dread artifact Gemmerach Prime. He is the creator of The Shaft-Case of Bowsar.


Ultimately executed by Perilous Circumstances by a crossbow bolt to the head, which was a part of Jonathon's larger agenda as discussed in Illibar's Assignation, also providing fans with at least some answers as to the contents of the final installment of the Eldritch Assignation.

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