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Disambiguation: Do not confuse Epic with Epicness, which pertains to the written quality of the ELotH world.


This is the other of the original Ur-Ur-elements, along with Voidnes, Timenes and Spacenes, that permeate all of creation and some of what is beyond. This is a difficult element to classify but it is commonly held wisdom that while you cannot describe it you will always recognize it when you see it. (Or, in some sad cases, are crushed under its booted heel). Epic doesn't need a symbol. It's just that cool.


Epic is also sometimes referred to as a Meta Element as it can be incorporated into other elements: for example, an Epic-Fire Blast is a far more terrible thing than the standard Elemenstor Spell "Fire Blast".


Epic is saddly almost unusable save for boosting other gears and 1000 Uses for Epic since it requires both super human will and high inherent epicness to weild succesfully. Most attempts end in Epic explosion.


The band Faith No More released a song entitled "Epic" at about the same time as the release of Elemenstor Battles. It is clear from the lyrics that they were inspired by this Ur-urelement, presumably from pre-release leakage or promotional material. Epic is often known for its close relation to the psuedo-element of mysterious.


So far no-one has proven epic enough to be exclusively an "Epic Elemenstor", though Harbinger Portent, Char Reyarteb, and the Four Underdogs have proven capable of striking epic gears.


Comments (5)

Anonymous said

at 2:33 pm on Jun 26, 2006

although ur-element elemenstation exists, I don't know if ur-element elemenstors exist

Anonymous said

at 12:35 am on Jun 27, 2006

Thats basically what it says,no one is epic enough to be and epic elemenstor.

Anonymous said

at 1:02 am on Jun 27, 2006

but I think that also goes for Voidnes, Timenes and Spacenes

Anonymous said

at 3:27 am on Jun 27, 2006

well if ur element elemenstation exist,doesnt rellying exclusively upon it qualify one as (whatever) elemenstor?

Anonymous said

at 3:35 am on Jun 27, 2006

Nobody on Battal, not even Portent, has the ability to do that, as it tends to kill people with one use. The masters of Elemenstation are lucky if they can survive striking one Epic Gear or summoning one Epic Elemanifestation in a lifetime. Trying to rely on it entirely would be a quick way to end up in a shallow grave.

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