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ERD:Raging Fire

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Raging Fire




Prologue: A monologue by Wendell about how good he's got it. Everybody in Briz Bitters does anything he wants. They can't stop him. He's got this craaaazy FIRE powers. Pretty much, he's the king, and what he wants he gets. His word is law. Credits.


Act I: Wendell is coercing a pretty young farm girl to come back to his hut. Several bad fire puns and a few thinly veiled threats later and she's on her way with him, but before they can reach Wendell's hut (the nice one at the end of the lane) two travellers who were observing step into their path. Wendell stepped forward with some threatening remarks, and a fireball resting in his hand. That's when the wind started. Just an annoyingly strong gust at first. But soon Wendell realized it was pushing on him.. Just on him. The trees weren't blowing, neither was the grass. He raised his fireball, and that's when the ground started shaking.


Act II: Wendell awoke in the back of an ox cart. He looked up and there were the two strangers, who later introduced themselves as Lander and Phila. Lander explained that these powers that Wendell had meant that he was an Elemenstor. And with these great powers, there were certain minimum standards of behavior that were expected of one, and if one did not respect that and agree that this is the way of things, one would not be untied and allowed to sit up in the back of the ox cart.


Act III: The three travellers are driven by a fierce storm far north of their intended travelling direction, and stop at a large keep to seek shelter. Inside they converse with the friendly gate keeper and his timid daughter, Myrtle. After dinner, Lander, Phila, and the gatekeeper go on a tour of the cavern city, while Myrtle and Wendell clean up. It's then that Myrtle's powers manifest for the first time in front of the strangers. They both begin using their powers in a series of mildly unfriendly dinner cleaning one-up-manships that sets the tone for the rest of their relationship. When Lander and Phila return the small meal room is flooded and scortched beyond usability. Wendell storms out, but doesn't go far. He's close enough to hear the raucus conversation had between Myrtle, Lander, and Phila. They sounded as though they were having such a good time. The episode ends with Wendell pondering, "Maybe these losers wouldn't be so bad to travel with after all. Maybe..."

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