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Erotic Blade of Shanari

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Erotic Blade of Shanari

Note: You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase these products.


Published in the spring of 2006, this set of adult graphic novels revolves around Shanari, a deadly, sexy ninja of the Unseen Ones. It is the Elemenstor Saga's first foray into adult entertainment. The art will be contributed by several well-known comic artists who prefer to remain anonymous.


It is unknown what content the graphic novels contain to merit the term "erotic" or "adult", but speculation is that the scenes of greased, deadly, scantily-clothed ninjas were deemed too intense for younger readers to handle. Or perhaps it is the rumored last minute addition to the novel of the unspoken powers of Elemenstruation. In addition, further rumor holds that the Staff of Undeniable Pleasure plays a pivotal role in the plot. While the powers of the staff are unknown as of this time, its name alone is likely to cause most younger readers to begin asking uncomfortable questions.


Other future "adult" material which has been announced can be seen here.

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