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Extemporary Feculence

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Extemporary Feculence

The most important periods of Extemporary Feculence's life are of course his dreaming of The Wizbits storyline, and his ramblings along the path to become a Warrior Elemenstor. The Dreaming of the Wizbits allowed for a limited re-release of The Wizbits series on Betamax and VHS; Wizbits - Dream Edition. Exactly the same, but with fuzzy edges, this edition is ultra-rare, and considered quite the collector's item.


Early Life

Their is much speculation about Extemporary's birth, mainly because there are several conflicting accounts regarding his parents, his upbringing and the reason for his name. All accounts do agree however, that he ended up a farmhand.


Middle Life

Extemporary Feculence was forced upon his path towards becoming a Warrior Elemenstor after the deaths of the farm owners where he 'worked'. Travelling across the land, he eventually came across the blind hobo Ragamoffin, who while attempting to rob him, let slip the secret papers of Elemenstorism (which he had been hiding up his sleeves). With the papers, and several decades of warrior-training, Feculence was eventually declared the Warrior Elemenstor by the local newsletter.


Later Life

A much older and probably wiser (although that is speculation on my part) Extemporary Feculence eventually discovers (and unleashes) the Temporal Elemenstation, which caused Extemporary to become a floating head, stuck in time. He guides the four Wizbits during Wizbits Extreme.

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