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Fetid Swamp Sharks

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Fetid Swamp Sharks


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 19 (Quite Nasty)

Creature Families: Aquatic, Filthoid


A breed of particularly foul smelling sharks which prefer to live in Fetid Swamp region of Zonardia and frequently eat all manor of tasty creatures that dare to enter their swamps. They are a common target for fishermen but they are a rather dangerous prey due to the fact that if you are biten by one you can never get the stink off.


"Oh god the smell my nostrils burn with the intensity of a thousand really burny fires" - Some Blathering Idiot


It should be noted that Fetid Swamp Sharks in captivity are mercilessly docile. There is a cult based in Illsuir-Asule that holds the sharks as central to their religion.

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