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Financial Wars

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The Financial Wars


The financial wars is considered to be one of the most desperate, spectacular, and above all, Epic wars in all of History. Which is strange, considering that it was mainly fought on the Money Plane


The seeds of the war were planted when Brian the Fab ascended to the throne of Alfafanar. Breaking with thousands of years of Alfafanian tradition he claimed that he "didn't want anything to do with money", and in fact fired several of the most skilled Money Elemenstors in the world. This led to Martan Starwert, the Chief Money Elemenstor and head of the Guild of Free Traders, to actually buy out the guild and become a neutral organization seperated from Alfafanar. The economic stranglehold was shattered, and Alfafanians that thought they could own, found themselves barely able to buy Arthak's Blade of Incontinence. The ensuing violence allowed William the Straight to depose Brian and claim the throne for himself. He was the most skilled Money Elemenstor in all time, and not only got Alfafanar back on it feet, but ready for war.


What followed was considered the bloodiest period of financial unrest in history. It was said that the ceaseless pounding of the hostile takeovers drove men mad, the endless buy-outs were like a continual rat-a-tat, mowing down accountants as they tried to run across no-owners land, and everywhere lay the snipers, ready to fire their pink slip at a high ranking accountant. Ultimatley, Alfafanar simply had the more capital, and the guild was pushed back until the Battle of the Fish Markets, where the war was finally won.

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