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Fine-o Video

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Fine-o Video

Fine-o Video is a production company that deals almost entirely with direct to DVD and video movies. Founded in 1983 by C-Movie guru Brent Hirose, the company is known both for the general low quality of its products and a string of lawsuits that have prevented many of its announced projects from seeing commercial release.


Past Productions of Note


  • The Toxic Fighter, the first announced release which was quickly suppressed by the creative team of the "Toxic Avenger" at Troma Films, claming that the movie was a clear and blatant violation of copyrights


  • The Short Guy and the Hoop, a live-action fantasy adventure which was re-named upon the discovery that its original title "The Hobbit" had been previously taken. The release was then halted once it was discovered that apparently the storyline of the film bore a remarkable (and some argue suspicious) similarity to that of the Tolkien novel.


  • The Best of Home Movies, the most successful of any Fine-o production, which sold thousands of copies before being pulled from circulation due to arguments between Fine-o and various ratings boards. CEO Hirose stood by his assertation that the film was "A fine work of naturalism that tells a heartwarming coming of age story" while the cencors declared it to be nothing more then "poorly shot amateur porn". While no longer availible for sale, the footage has since been widely distributed over the internet.




Current Productions


On May 19th 2006, Hirose, acting CEO, announced that Fine-o had legally aquired the rights to the cult animation series "The Wizbits" (a.k.a The Wizbits Cartoon), an announcment that sent fans into an uproar. Shortly after the announcement several other production companies filed suits against Fine-o and made public statements declaring that the Wizbits licence had yet to be officially aquired by any company and that Fine-o Video had in fact not been in negotiation at all for the licence, let alone in any position to aquire it. An official legal ruling has yet to be released to the public.


This news was met with some confusion by fans, claiming that the Wizbits were already being released on video, namely the The Wizbits Season 1 DVD and the announced The Wizbits Season 2 DVD, The Wizbits Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set and several variations on the same. In response to this Fine-o has announced that they will be releasing the Wizbits Ultimate Collection Volumes 1-13, starting in 2008 pending the current legal disputes. Interestingly, this coincides with the release of The Wizbits Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set.



I've heard rumors that Fine-o is looking to pick up the international rights to some of the other ELotH:TES based cartoons. Has anyone heard anything else about this? -Ooknabah

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