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First Battle of Blee

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First Battle of Blee

After The Sundering, around the year 11,000, a band of Telesorcellors moved into the ruins of Blee and began the society which would grow into the Great Nation of Nar. Given their ability to shift about their nation instantaneously there was no traditional apparent infrastructure. No roads, no warehouses, no central meeting places. As a result, in 15,854 the land looked ripe for the taking to the eyes of the expansionist ruler of the Trolls and Giants, Brothic Gandlebar.


Gandlebar moved his armies in to sweep away what he thought to be a disconnected collection of settlements. The battle began at the end of the first day of the Gandlebarian Army's forced march into the grasslands of Blee. The Trolls and Giants had just made camp, or more accurately, it was two camps because the two races shared an uneasy alliance that was taxed by any degree of forced proximity. As the end-day meal fires were lit there arose a commotion from the western outskirts of the camps. It was an entire army. Amazingly it had appeared between the camp's scouts and the encampment. Robed in scarlet and amber, the sorcerers of the great nation of Nar were armed for battle. Some had staves of great power, while others were merely bare handed but posessing an arcane aura of great power.


The army fell upon the assembled forces of the Giants and Trolls, but the advantage of surprise was short lived, and the defenders were fierce and skilled in battle. It was a battle of magic, as the telesorc'ley of Nar combated the raw power and elemental force of Brothic's host, led by the Elders wielding the Weapons of the Elements.


The mighty battle raged through the evening, throughout the night and well into the next morning. Brothic proved unstoppable and a decisive defeat of the Narians appeared certain. When it was clear that the forces of Nar would be overwhelmed Naron gathered his generals to him with a final plan. They would pull their remaining powers and teleport the invading army as far to the west as possible. The Giants and Trolls were large and "psychicly heavy" foes. Their ability to resist such a transport with their inherit mystical talents would be substantial. They all knew that the strain of this tactic would likely kill the remaining Telesorcellors, but they also realized that they had been doomed from the moment they set foot on this field.


Brothic, whose approach of Naron's party went unnoticed in the chaos of the battle, raised his spear to strike down Naron, and as he delivered his killing blow the order went out. In a blink, the Troll and Giant armies had vanished as the sounds of the last clash of battle were still reverberating off the distant hills. Naron as he was dying from a spear through his chest on the field, surrounded by the bodies of his dead or dying allies, was alive for just long enough to know that he had won.


Unfortunately, this battle only bought them 12 years respite.



Co'ner the Bright Eyed was accidentally embroiled in the battle. He had wandered across the grasslands and into one of the small seemingly unconnected villages of Nar and had set up on a corner and begun to play his lute when he found himself in the midst of a small band of assembling sorcerors, girded for battle. Before he knew it he had been transported to the front lines of the battle, left will little choice but to fight for his safety.

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