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First Coming of the Magic Sword King

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First Coming of the Magic Sword King

A prophecy by Hygrad the Mighty regarding the birth of King Ronard and his wielding of the Magic Sword. The Brotherhood of the King protected this prophecy and stood watch for its ultimate fulfillment.


The once mighty man coughed and struggled for air as Hardforge cradled his head. Solemnly he did look up with an air of great seriousness. All fell quiet in the room, listening intently as he spoke the words that would forever change the fate of the world:


"And there shall riseth in the Eastern temple a man born not of woman but of Earth. And he shalt hold the Fire of power in his Heart. Never shall his shield be rent asunder... nor shall his Sword of Illusoration be perceived.


Hygrad fell silent, and his Band of Men drew closer, and were then startled when he shot upright and spoke once more:


"He shall command the might of Air yet know it not, and in his Water shall he cleanse all but the most unclean. He shall come and with his coming comes the power to foldeth the world and to coagulate the very essence of the soul."


Hygrad coughed and went stiff, falling back onto his pillow. The Band looket at each other in puzzlement, save Hardforge, who gazed with great grief at his leader.


"Alas," said Drong, breaking the awkward silence, "I fear our--"


"He shall come and all shall quake save for the unquakable or the infirm," shouted a suddenly revitalized Hygrad, "for he will free them from their bonds... and return them to the heights!"


And with that, what seemed to by Hygrad's last breath escaped his mouth. His body relaxed, and sank down into the comfortable beddings as if weary from a long life of trial and conquest. Hardforge placed his hand on Hygrad's forehead and sighed deeply.


"Is he going to poop himself now?" asked Phillyan, "I heard that happens sometimes."


-- from The Item Guild Wars

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