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Four Underdogs

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This page refers to the literary version of these characters.
For more information, please see the Wizbits Disambiguation Page.


The Four Underdogs


The Four Underdogs were the group of four youths (Lander Phoenixsong, Wendell Blunder, Myrtle Breakwind, and Fantasmaphila), who, with the aid of Aklom Reklats and the Ocumen, defeated and destroyed Char Reyarteb at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom and saved Battal.


The story of the decisive victory of the Four Underdogs over Char Reyarteb is cataloged in Elemenstor Radio Dramas produced for BBC Radio by Robert Hungford. Confusion among the fans is often caused by the mention of an attempt at ending the reign of Char Reyarteb, to which 3 paragraphs were devoted in the final chapter of Book 4, but this was not the successful attempt.


After many adventures, the Four Underdogs go on to found the Cerulean Citadel. Later in life, they finally hung up their Elemenstaves and built Castle Eureka, the most impressive retirement home in any universe.



AnonNot yet described are the relationships with their familiars (or furniliars)
AnonThe Four Underdogs didn't have furniliars, The Wizbits did.
TimThey do have familiars though, as depicted in ElamenSTAR, although I think that they lose them by the fourth season. Can't remember what the justification was. I think that the descriptions of each of the underdogs should be modified to reflect the brainmanglement and time effects, and what the results of this were for each of the kids. Pretty sure that info is spread around the wiki, but not collected on the character pages.
Timthe underdogs needed to kill their own familiars, right?
bfg00I believe so. Most of the canonical versions of the tale have them killing their own familiars except for notably the Elemenstor Radio Dramas, but they may have cut that part because they didn't have enough time to put it in or establish the Underdogs relationship with their familiars.

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