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Frand Burgrove

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Frand Burgrove

Favorite Cheese: Yeddar Cheese


As far as he knew, Frand Burgrove, was, like the majority of the residents of Battal, one of the poor schmucks at the bottom of society who was forced to work for one of the rich schmucks at the top of society. What he didn't know was that, from Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:00 PM to Medianary 26th, 9473, 4:35:13 PM, he was also known as The Minuthrim, creator of the powerful kingdom of Minuschitae, which existed in a hair on his pillow (which was, in fact, a dead badger). Oblivious to his creation, Frand Burgrove sighed a modestly-sized sigh on Medianary 26th, 9473, at 4:35:12 PM while thinking about the fact that he had forgotton to milk his cow. This sigh destroyed Minuschitae, thus bringing about The Minupalypse and the ending of The Longest Moment.

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