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Fregor the Untruthful

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Fregor the Untruthful


Fregor the Untruthful is one of the more interesting characters to inhabit the ELotH:TES world. He is most famous for his appearances in The Wizbits series, where he acted as a wandering liar, only entering the show when the heros needed to be lied to in order to advance the plot.


In truth he is a deep and complex character who often tries to do what he sees as the right thing. His attempts at doing so are often thwarted by his lies. This inabilty to tell the truth is partially what has made him an enemy of all good folk.


One explanation of how he came to be untruthful is that as a young child he swallowed a shard of Hooey pottery. In response to this Tycho Brahe is reported to have said, "Nah, he's just fucking nuts" though this cannot be confirmed.


Although he is considered unpleasant in the extreme by most who know him, he is never seen without his trusty companion, Gorsald the Pedantic. This duo was originally used as comedy relief in Books 1 through 13 but are rumored to play a greater part in Book 14.


His name is also sometimes written as Freyor, if only as a joke (also they are pronounced the same).


A famous, Tony-winning play was written about the pair, known as "Fregor and Gorsald are Not Dead", which is a humorous take on how the pair see the plot of each book, as well as what they do in their copious free time. Their mysterious immortal nature is mentioned often throughout the play, though never explained, as it seems to be just as much of a perplexing mystery to the comedic duo as it is to the fans.

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