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Fruit Pies

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Fruit Pies

Sugary pastries popular in both the Wizbits continuity and in the real world where they were known as "Official Wizbits Fruit Pies."


Coinciding with Wizbits episode 205 "Exit, Skip!", CanAmeriMexican Foodstuffs Inc. began producing a line of fruit pastries modeled after various foods from Battal. Toasty was prominently featured on the packaging for each pie saying "They're better than cheese fondue!" Most of the pies featured in the cartoon were also offered at one time or another by CanAmeriMexican. These include:


  • Dragonapple - Produced as an apple pie with a cinnamon crust. It was the most popular pie.
  • Largemelon - A cantaloupe pie with artificial grape flavoring.
  • Runtberry - A grape pie with artificial cantaloupe flavoring.
  • Pearcicle - Made with ground cherries and heavy sugar.


The show also featured a pie called Toadvomit for which a recipe was devised by CanAmeriMexican. It tested poorly with focus groups, however, and was never produced. A more specific reason for the bad reaction to toadvomit pie has never been revealed to the public.


Bloodfruit Pies were also to have been made but a recipe could never be settled upon as neither the Wizbits cartoon nor any other official ELotH:TES media ever mentioned what a Bloodfruit was. This has not stopped fans who wished to make their own bloodfruit pies although there is a large debate in ELotH:TES fandom as to which bloodfruit pie recipe is the most accurate representation.


A lawsuit over the real pies was brought on by the Concerned Dentists of America who charged Pearcicle Pies with a 50% increase in the number of cavities in children.


Wait. There was an actual homosexual pyromaniac on the packages? God Bless America. -Jake
Toasty wasn't gay. You're thinking of the Japanese version of Knuckles, Nakurusu. But Toasty was a pyro although it has never been proven that children died because of immitating Toasty. Toasty would never be irresponsible with fire. He just liked to play with it. -Ryuukuro, President of the Toasty Fan Club

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