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Furnal, the Infernal Furnace Furniliar

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Furnal, the Infernal Furnace Furniliar


Originally intended as a promotional item for the Super ElamenSTAR - My name is Phila! film, this Wizbits Elemenstor Battle CCG card was based upon Furnal, a furnace Furniliar who was to have served an important role in the destruction of a Ferniliar greenhouse. Last minute budget cuts resulted in the studio cutting the entire greenhouse scene, and thus Furnal as well. Several thousand cards had already been distributed as free enclosures in a popular gaming magazine, which meant that Furnal wasn't going to vanish from the public eye just because he was no longer in the film.


The card is generally considered to be part of the Adventure and Mysterious expansion set of the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle CCG game.


Most sanctioned tournaments forbid the use of Furnal as the character never appeared in an episode, movie, or video game. However, he *is* available as a collectible plush doll.


The trailer for the 1997 film ElamenSTAR - Star of Cardboard shows Harbinger and a furnace Furniliar standing in the rain. Furnal is the only known furnace furniliar, but it is common knowledge that Furnal was created for the 1999 film Super ElamenSTAR - My name is Phila!. It is possible that Furnal (or an earlier concept of a furnace furniliar) was originally written into the 1997 script, but cut out before release of the film.


Here's a scan of the promo card that was shipped with a gaming magazine:

I thought I had lost this thing. It's in better shape than most of my old cards. Anyone want to get a game together, BTW? --R.S.

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