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(not to be confused with Furni Whores)


Furnie fans, or furnies, are fans of ELotH:TES who feel a special connection to, or have an interest in Furniliars. There are some who take this interest in furniliars to a sexual level, while many others do not.


This phenomenon has split fandom into:

  • Those who are confused
  • Those who are disgusted
  • The Furnies



The act of furnie copulation is commonly called furnication by outsiders, and creak by furnie fans.


Not all furnies wear costumes, nor do all furnies who 'furn-suit' (wear furniture suits) creak. Most Furn-suiters do however at some point doost, an affectionate greeting involving some physical contact.


In an anti-sodomy case in Texas, a number of furnies claimed that their fetish was in fact a perfectly natural result of their Furniture heritage, and that they were in fact practicing their old-timey religion. Despite attempts by their lawyer to fashion this into an insanity plea, they were found guilty and stoned to death.


Japan has its own contingent of furnies who refer to themselves as furniphiliacs, or "Funifi" for short. They're not too fond of American-style furnies, although the emnity is not shared by the western fans.


Furnies often keep their interest in the fandom quiet (known as 'being the closet'), although they can generally be spottedby behaviours such as a constant re-ordering of the furniture in their homes, or by the stack of Ikea catalogs under their beds.


It is generally agreed that the only thing worse than a Furnie is a Babyfurn.




Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:05 pm on Aug 4, 2008

I'm not sure why Furnies would get confused with CNC Machining. Can anyone explain this?

Tim said

at 2:48 am on Aug 5, 2008

I personally have never made this mistake... (for the record: NOR DO I DOOST)

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