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When the incarnations of an Elemenstor's rubian jewel are of a decidedly household nature -- especially those that really tie the chamber together -- they are referred to as 'Furniliars.' A most famous example is that of Cubby, or Cubbert P. Oakwood, the Furniliar of Felthar the Moderately Handsome.


Elemenstor incarnations, or magical companions that are not so previously inanimate are referred to as familiars.


The process of creating a Furniliar is called Transchanting.


Ultimately a quiet brotherhood of "Enchanted Carpenters" and "Enchanted Alchemical Joiners" called The Quiet Brotherhood of Enchanted Carpenters and Associated Crafts appeared in a book titled Broken Stool: Alchemical Boogaloo. The Group of Enchanted Carpenters revealed in this book were adept at creating and repairing Furniliars at discount prices. The action concerned a regional union of wizened magical craftsmen called QBECAC Local 4223. Particularly a Second Level Enchanted Alchemical Joiner by the name of Lord Scranton Stufflebeam. The book was mysteriously met with fervent resistance by the ELotH:TES readership (It was believed by some that the Enchanted Carpenters made extensive use of slave labor, and generally mistreated many of the furniliars they were enlisted to repair).


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ELotH:TES Canon


Furniliars are integral to the ELotH:TES saga, and as such appear throughout The Elemenstor Cycle Novels, in the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle CCG, in The Wizbits TV series, and in many Fan Fiction works. The most heatedly disputed in all of the saga is, of course, Simon the Severe, mainly because there is debate over whether one can perform Transchanting on oneself.




There is quite a large line of Furniliar Replicas available to fit most budgets.


The concept of the Funiliar was introduced by Hasbro in Wave 2 of the Monsters of the Hierarchs toyline, to allow them to sell doll furniture as "action figures". The idea became so endearing and popular, that it remains one of the most beloved aspects of the franchise to this day.


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Anonymous said

at 6:28 am on Jun 3, 2006

The single greates idea ever.sure it sounds kinds stupid at first,but when you really think about the uses of ambulating furniture you wonder why nobody came up with it before Tycho.(All this NEEDED to be said)

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