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Furniture Folio

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Furniture Folio


One of Black Fox Games's many, many expansions for the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG. It was a comprehensively thorough guide to all Furniliars that appeared in the series to that point, and, famously, suggested some ideas for Furniliars and equipment that were later actualized in the series, such as Vernynut-glue. Were Tycho Brahe prone to keeping continuity straight, he could have used the book as a replacement for notes.


The art has been praised for its accuracy and quality, despite persistant rumors that most of the images were ripped from an IKEA catalogue. Additionally, the Folio is harshly criticized in some circles for its persistant use of the term "spell" for gears. Most ELotH:TES fans, however, just don't give a shit, to be honest.


Special Furniliar Combat Rules

Enchanted Furniture is very hearty and so special rules govern the calculation of the Furniliar health system. Each round, a Furniliar will regain 70% of the amount of hitpoints that it lost due to physical damage in the previous round.


Conversely, Furniliars do not heal naturally over time. The only way to regain lost health (after the one time bonus) is through the application of Vernynut-glue.

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