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Gambol and Brathymide

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Gambol and Brathymide


A pair of famous Dark Harbingers whose tale is recounted in the play Toward Daybreak.


This pair begins their tale simply enough, they were a happily married couple who had many children. Both were quite well to do and worked as Harbingers for the local government. However after years of children nagging them, politicians nagging them, and just about everyone nagging them they took a swing towards the darkside.


They had had enough of people and of everything. While they still loved each other, their years of family life and public service caused them to become jaded and cynical about life. As their children were grown up and they had retired from the government they went into their extensive laboratory to think about what to do. After 10 years they came back crazed and with an audacious plan.


They would blow up the Sun and end all life in this miserable corner of the universe. Now there had been a saying in their culture at the time that "Ever since the dawn of time Man has yearned to destroy the Sun." and they took it to heart and used it as their driving goal explaining that it was the culmination of mankind's experience and knowledge to eventually blow up the Sun.


Using their extensive knowledge in just about everything they constructed a massive device that they theorized would have enough power to physically destroy the Sun and cause everything to end. Sadly for destruction enthusiasts everywhere it was not to be. The device failed to destroy the Sun but rather destroyed an unknown planet (called Planet C for lack of a better term). They were disappointed and went back to check their calculations, unfortunately for them nature conspired to end their bid for solar destruction by causing the Geotelespacial Fractarent to occur directly under their laboratory, destroying them and their megaweapon.

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