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Genja Hii

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Genja Hii


Born during the age of Breakened Battal, during which Battal's main land mass was breakened into sixteen islands, Genja Hii was a scholarly boy whose Knack manifested itself as Elemenstative power mere days after birth. Able to walk within weeks and speak within a slightly greater number of weeks, he struck a deal with the village's only Knack Spotting Child, who agreed to keep Genja's Knack and skills quiet. Genja knew from the beginning that he was very much capable of performing one of the most powerful and dangerous mystical acts of them all: timesorc'ley.


From the beginning, Genja would often go to the beach and run his finger along the shoreline, frowning all the while. He knew without even before being told that a cataclysmic event had split the continent into an archipelago (and even knew the terms 'continent' and 'archipelago', which were beyond the simple vocabulary of the average citizen of the village). His dislike of the current state of the world was further strengthened by the accidental drowning of his father and the crippling of his mother by a band of pirates, both when Genja was only two.


At the age of three, Genja Hii began the quest that would take up the rest of his life: the quest to unbreaken Battal. By this point, one of his greatest fears had turned out to be true: he was only capable of timesorc'ley and no other Elemenstation or magic. He befriended a Weremersphinxpytaur named Pourri, who Genja would ride when he needed to travel from island to island. When Genja was four, an unusual experience in the depths of The Breathable Sea involving a Time Ham and possibly also some Space Cheese resulted in Genja receiving incredible longevity. When Genja was ten, a strange boatification ritual conducted by The Cult of the Mystic Seafarers into which he and Pourri accidentally wandered into granted Pourri his greatest wish: death. He was killed and changed into a wooden boat with which Genja narrowly escaped. It was this boat, which was enchanted by the ritual and Pourri's life force so that it could move without wind in reaction to its rider's thoughts, that Genja would use until the end of his quest.


Many years passed and Genja became renowned as a great scholar and philosopher. Few people learned of his quest to unbreaken Battal, and none learned of his incredible skills in timesorc'ley. He secretly studied timesorc'ley and discovered a secret ritual - what could best be described as a code to be used to access a debug mode in the universe. The secret was hidden not only in anceint texts and legends, but also in nature and reality itself. When he learned the entirety of the code, he sailed to a precise point of the ocean and performed a very complex and very long sequence of actions that took over a year to complete, followed by a final action: a massively time-tearing act of timesorc'ley.


Then everything changed.


Genja's fate remains unknown. It is possible that he chose to delete himself after the modifications he made were complete. Battal was, of course, unbreakened. Several people who were nice to him got better lots in life (it is notable that none of his modifications were acts of revenge). Also, in honor of both Genja's experience in the Breathable Sea and his childhood friend Pourri, the Breathable Sea continued to exist in the form of a magical lake, Lake Meryou, in which any person or creature swimming in it would temporarily turn into a mer-whatever-it-is. There were also a few unintended glitches caused by his final act of timesorc'ley, such as the erasure of Boomsticks.

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