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The South-western region of Zonardia, named after one of the original twins born from a copulation between a white dragon and King Zonard, who were flung back in time to the dawn of Battal. The capital city is Corusmera, which was precided over by a council of elected wisemen.


Gerr is the middle region of Zonardia, in both living conditions and size - it's not as bad or small as Enda, but not as beautiful as Loftia. The area is chiefly characterized by the desert of the desolate Westerling Wastes and the slightly more livable but nothing to brag about South Hecter.


Gerr was the first to fall to the mechaniations of Empress Corvax during the events of the Zonardian Civil War chronicled in the Quasar Riders of Zonardia series. Corvax convinced the public at large that they were being menaced by a phantom army from Loftia. Using the terror she inspired, she was able to crown herself Empress and dispense with the other Senators. She used her power to alter Joy Park from a theme park into a cleverly disgused military base, constructing the Moon of Doom.


After the Civil War ended, Gerr was annexed by Loftia. It answered to the Loftian royal family, but handled local problems through a restored Republic Senate.

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