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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 81 (Nastiness Incarnate)


The animated afterimage or echo of the life energy of a being that has died.


There are many types of ghosts with many different traits, but all share one trait: A very specific, and in most cases insurmountable, weakness to something in the corporeal or metaphyical world. The thing itself varies from ghost to ghost, be it shrill whirring noises or the inability to tolerate the smell of large dhots on the breath.


Notes about Ghosts

  • Some ghosts are recognizable, such as the Ghosts of King Ronard or Halmarg the Misogynistic. These ghosts who still have a tight connection to their living form, memory, personality, and motivations are known as ShadeGhosts where as other ghosts have lost their connection to the appearance and/or nature of their previous physical existance.

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